Stephen Kovach

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Stephen Kovach
Residing In: Buckeye, AZ USA
Spouse/Partner: Jasmine Eve
Occupation: USAF
Children: Ezekiel Robert Chastain, born 2004
Indica Rose, born 2005
Zechariah Tyler, born 2008
Cassidy More…Jeremiah, born 2009
Kaiah Hope, born 2011
Noah Christopher, born 2017
Military Service: Air Force  
Stephen Kovach


Yes! Attending Reunion

Well a lot has happened in 20 years. I read my last update and had a good laugh. Long story short graduated went to work for my dad smoked a lot of weed, quit working for my dad, worked at a bowling alley realized I was heading no where,, joined the Air Force met my beautiful there, tried to leave Arizona behind came right back, Did a few deployments, fathered a bunch of kids, Arizona drug me right back home, ended up with some kind of weird movement disorder was medically retired now I spend my days raising my 6 kids and try not to drive my awesome wife too crazy but just crazy enough to let her know I care. We are helping to start a nonprofit community outreach program in goodyear called community impact I hope will do great things in the west valley.

School Story:

Memories from high school, let’s see that was 20 years ago now I wish I would have wrote them down. Day one coming from a private school to this huge public school was so intimidating. I had one friend that was coming with me and then I found out we didn’t have any classes together that dude was smarter than me I guess. I quickly figured out I had no sense of fashion and I didn’t notice until I got to high school. I remember one kid in gym punch me in the stomach for some reason while in the locker room waiting to go on to the basketball court side note the teachers shorts were way to short, I remember they came up with a rather mean nickname one was bell ringer not sure what that meant. I remember for the first couple of years hanging out with my best friend Matthew for a couple of years we would always have lunch together even though we didn’t have any classes together he was way smarter than me back then. Being weird and awkward was kind of my thing. Oh I do remember this one guy with albinism that used to run everywhere and was always reading, kids picked on him a lot to wish I would have gotten to know that guy, I just figured he ran everywhere to stay out of the sun and you don’t have to stop and talk to anyone if you’re running I guess. I used to like when we would have student bands play on senior lawn I always wanted to be up there. One year a fight broke out I remember the cops around campus the next few days. My favorite memories was marketing class we had so much fun and we had two free periods to go to work which I didn’t, wish I could remember that teachers name. We made some funny commercials and for some reason remember something about Otis spunkmeyer cookies. My junior and senior years I got way into punk rock music and decided that was who I was, good times! Well obviously I wasn’t punk rock enough.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

I see them on Facebook and try to keep up with what is going on in there lives.

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This is a great way to waste time when you find yourself awake at 3am because you woke up in a panicked sweaty state because of a nightmare about losing one of your 7 kids and then realizing you only had 6 to begin with.

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